Association Scholarships


The Montana Coroners’ Association announces the availability of a $500.00 scholarship to

 be awarded for the fall semester of the year 2019 to a graduating High School senior

 majoring in a Criminal Justice or Health Science field.  Recipients will be selected on the

 basis of need and academic ability as well as career goals.

 Eligibility requirements are as follows:

    1.  A High School graduate or successful GED completion.

   2.  A High School grade point average of 2.5 or above.

   3.  Enrollment as a full time student in a Montana based college or university that offers a

       minimum AA degree in Criminal Justice or Health Science  field.       

   4.  Submittal of proof of enrollment intentions in a college or university based

        Criminal Justice or Health Science degree program.

 When applying for a scholarship please include the following:

 1.     Letter requesting consideration as an applicant.

 2.     Current High School transcript.

 3.     Personal resume including references.

  4.   Outline of career goals.

  5.  Statement of current college education financing.


The scholarship award winner check for $500.00 will be issued in the applicant’s name and

forwarded to the college or university where enrolled.  The deadline is May 1, 2019.

There were 5 applicants from Districts 1 and 4.Madison Casazza from Columbia Falls and Callie Cavill from Stevensville were selected.


Send above listed application to:

 Dick Brown

Chairman of Scholarship Committee for MCA

Montana Coroners’ Association

P. O. Box 595

Lewistown, MT  59457